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Our Approach

Through a collaborative hands-on process, Spark Saratoga brings academic and social experience together under one roof, providing inventors and entrepreneurs with the ability to fully commercialize their products, connect with potential investors, and utilize Spark Saratoga’s resources to bring their ideas to life.

We use a GPS Model.

This term is based off the GPS systems we use in our cars and on our phones. Those systems set a course, but they adjust along the way to changes.

Similarly, the idea behind our GPS model is that every business and every entrepreneur is unique, so we can’t apply a cookie cutter template to each project. Instead, in our earliest discussions with entrepreneurs, we have a detailed conversation to understand what exactly your idea is, and what your vision is for this idea. Do you want to license your invention? Do you want to scale into a huge international company? Do you want to tackle this business on a part-time basis?

Once we know these details, we help set the ‘GPS’ course to steer entrepreneurs towards your vision, but at any time we welcome you to develop your own detour. It is possible that your vision will change as you work through the commercialization process, or you might tackle a challenge in a unique way, which requires a change in course. Whatever the change is, we update our ‘GPS’ course to continue steering entrepreneurs toward their vision.

Each business has its own course and while some of the tasks along that course may be the same, no two courses are Identical. Please note that your ideas remain confidential and are viewed only by Spark Saratoga staff and our partners at the Shipley Center for Innovation at Clarkson University.