Spark Sponsorships

Inspire. Mentor.  Accelerate. 

These core values drive Spark Saratoga to boost startup and emerging growth companies, just as it did when a group of creative, technology, business and academic leaders came together to form its launch over three years ago.

In April 2017, Saratoga Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), launched Spark Saratoga to activate a community of collaborators as Saratoga County’s first and only startup incubator and business accelerator. Its purpose is to promote, retain and grow new businesses and innovators to accelerate future growth to ensure Saratoga County and the broader region remains a vibrant place to live and do business


Corporate Partners have access to a centralized audience of enthusiastic and talented startups, industry colleagues, and Spark partner organizations from around the region; all of whom work together to engage entrepreneurs in innovation and catalyze the development of new ideas and technologies.

Corporations that align their brand with Spark Saratoga can benefit in many different ways:

  • Staying up to date on new technology in the region: Corporate Partners hold a front-row seat to the creation of these ventures, giving your company unprecedented access to not only new innovations, but also the most engaged entrepreneurs in the region.
  • Building an innovative corporate culture: by placing your teams as mentors in Spark’s portal or by enabling your own corporate teams to innovate.
  • Building a more innovative brand: by aligning with Spark startups and innovation across the region.
  • Build your workforce: by partnering with Spark, you have access to an incredible talent pool and innovative recruiting strategies.
  • Build the local community: by investing in Spark Saratoga’s startup economic development strategy, corporate partners provide a positive impact in their local communities.
  • Tax Benefits: Spark Saratoga is an initiative of Saratoga Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Corporate Partnerships are completely customizable to fit your interests. Please contact Ryan Van Amburgh, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at to discuss further.

Strategic Partner:

This is category exclusive premiere partnership for legal, banking, accounting, financing and technology companies to offer relevant services to Founders.  Partner (and team) will be featured in industry specific query in Spark’s mentor portal.

Benefits Include (Plus Access & Visibility):

  • Company video/podcast/webinar displayed on & distributed via Email & Social Media Channels
  • Member of Spark Advisory Board
  • Opportunity to preview and advise early stage and high growth companies

Access Partner:

  • Facilitated introductions to Spark members
  • Invitation to Spark Focus Groups
  • Sponsor Quarterly Event or Meetup Series

Visibility Partner:

  • Logo placement on Spark website
  • Invites to Spark community events and meetups
  • Thought Leadership options: branded blogs, podcasts or articles (quarterly) via Email and /or Social Media channels