Let's Get Started

Start and Grow Your Business

Getting started isn’t easy. So many questions, so few hours. And sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know! Or you’re in hip deep and sinking — what wouldn’t you do for a life jacket!?!

Knowing what to ask and how to ask for it depends … well,… on a lot of things. Your experiences, challenges, project team, resources. Our team can help – but we need some basic info. So where do you fit?

  • I have an idea, but now what? – You are at that early conceptual stage or maybe you even have a single prototype or test marketed … but you have yet to “open the doors” to customers.
  • Sales are slow, how can I grow? – Your proof of concept and business plan were sound, but sales aren’t exactly through the roof. Or you’re selling but not making money! Why aren’t customers buying? Who are our best customers and how do we find more of them? Help us get on the right track track.
  • We are on fire and need help! – Too many sales too fast can be as harmful to a business as not enough sales. Prepare for scale – so you don’t crash your website or disappoint customers by not delivering. Your brand is built on performance!
  • I am  looking for a new adventure –  We know that learning from failures can lead to success. Hook on with a new team & help them with what you know best.